Thursday, November 5, 2009

'Where the Wild Things Are' Halloween Party Recap SNEAK PEEK

Halloween came and went and the 'Wild Things' Party was a hit!  If nothing else went right with planning this party - and trust me, not everything went according to plan (does it ever?) - the look on my daughter's face when she saw the basement hallway decorated with hanging vines and colorful trees was enough to put everything right in the world for me!

I'm going to give you a quick glimpse at some of the pictures from the party.  After all that work this past weekend, I had to snap back to reality this week and focus on some real life projects that are taking priority right now.  I still want to be sure that I give you the full once over on what it is and what it was for the party.  So, here are just a few pictures to tide you over until my next post.

We turned the stairwell into a space covered with vines

When the guests came into the party room (fka - 'The Man Cave') the were greeted with the Max-o-Lantern and a fancy banner display

Yummy Cupcakes!!!!

Hope to get a better post out to you over the weekend or early next week!!!

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  1. Love what I see so far. Look at the little boats. So cute and the cupcakes are to die for.


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