Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Wow, What a weekend I had!  It was packed with parties, cupcakes, trains and treats!!!!  It seems that rain follows me to these parties, but I didn't let that put a damper on my days (no pun intended).  Even with soggy banners, muddy pants and poodle hair - I was still able to make sure that both parties had a little touch of CWBD!

I won't write a long post because I wanted to just share some pictures with you from the parties....and plus, I'm so tired I can't even think straight!  My husband already warned me that I am to no longer have 2 parties in one weekend unless I have a full time staff on hand to assist.  Clearly, he still doesn' t know how insane I am.  Luckily I had my stepdaughter available to help me with a lot of these projects and I'm so grateful to her for all her help!

Aaaaanyway, above you can see the cupcake cake or pull apart cake that I made for my friend's daughter's 3rd birthday.  Her daughter loves Elmo so I just found a picture online and used that as my template to make a buttercream frosting transfer and then created a step tiered cupcake stand to put individual cupcakes on.  They were my yummy Triple Vanilla Delight cupcakes and I received lots of compliments on them.

Here's another view of the cupcakes on the stand and pull apart cake.

I actually made these treat bags - literally, cut down a tree, ground up the wood, pressed out the pulp....just kidding.  I found a template online to make bags and made a medallion using my computer, printed them out and stuck them on the bags - voila!  I found some really delicous candy and favor toys at the dollar store and put them in the bags & the kids loved them!

On to the second party which was on Sunday.  I did a banner, party hats, placemat, napkin rings, treat bags and some fun cut outs for a Thomas and Friends birthday party.  I also created a standing cardboard 'Thomas' as a prop for the party.

I just used my computer and a page protector (I hid the hole rings tab with some tape so it didn't show).

The placesettings were very simple and you can see my napkin ring and the finished placemat here.  You can also see the party hats - Mom wanted something very simple so I just did solid color cone hats and we put them out on the kids table next to the place settings.

Here are the treat bags (full of 'I'm going to regret this in 20 minutes' candy).  I created a tag using cut out circles and some Thomas and Friends stickers and tied them with a fun ribbon. 

Here's a picture of the cardboard Tomas prop that I created.  We used the top of the train to put the treats on.  We placed it on the gift table and handed them out at the end of the party when the birthday boy finished opening his gifts.  Notice the Railroad Crossing sign, someone made a comment that we must be from the south because all the railroad crossing signs are upside down.  LOL

These are just a couple more pictures from the party where I set up.

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