Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Card List and Tracker Printable

I don't know about you, but December is kicking my butt!  I'm literally writing this post as I'm trying to rush home to finish up my final holiday decorating (I hope).

Between holiday decorating and gatherings, family commitments, work, blogging, Etsy - I am overwhelmed!  I literally have to make sure that everything I do has a list these days.....and that I check it twice.  I have a bunch of people I want to wish Merry Christmas, but I cannot deal with going into my phone and pulling up contacts, I can't deal with an Excel spreadsheet....I just like to write and make's just what I like to do!  I'm also getting cards and I need to make sure that I don't miss anyone....send a card, get a card.....that's how I roll, homie!  So, I made a list....I made what I think is a super simple and easy list that will also track if I got a card and sent a's a no-brainer.

Ya feeling like me???  Like Santa and his lil' elves have you and a choke hold and you can't break free???  Do you like lists and need to stay on track??? You want it????  You got it (dude)!!!!  Here is my handy dandy printable to help you out if you're rushing to get your Christmas Holiday cards in the mail....and PS....this weekend is probably just about the last time you'll be able to get them in the big blue box!

This list is pretty simple to use, just add the name and address of you who are sending your card to.  You can keep track by just placing a check mark in the sent column....and if you received a card from that person, place a check mark in that column.  Alternately, you can also check the received column for those you actually need to send a card when you receive one from them this case the sent/received columns can be used interchangeably....make it work for you!

The list is available to download here and there are five different style to chose from.

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