Friday, November 18, 2016

Homemade Sweet Potato Pie

There is nothing I cherished more as a child, than the times I spent with grandmother in the kitchen helping her prep meals and dishes for big holiday gatherings.

One of those fond moments included helping her get the sweet potatoes ready for her delicious pies and casseroles!  I remember that she used to boil the potatoes whole, then let them cool a bit and peel the skin back from the warm potatoes, I'd sit all wide-eyed watching  a bit of steam pipe out of each potato, just amazed at how cool, calm and collected she would be while handling each one....She's such a G.  Once the potatoes were peeled, we'd divide them up, and cube and slice them....most were used for making the candied yams and the remaining were used for the pie filling.  Well, after the peeling and cutting was done we'd.....well.....actually, all the rest is a blur to me....(record scratch) I remember something about  mashing the potatoes....and brown sugar... nutmeg....but that's about it!

I mean, don't get me wrong here....I know I can make a sweet potato pie E-Z!....I can even call up my dear grandmother (we call her Miss Kitty) and ask her how we used to make it.  It's just that....ain't nobody got time for all of that - ESPECIALLY when you're husband is a born and bred southerner who can cook and bake his tail off.  So, when I had this hairbrain idea to share how to make a homemade sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving, I knew that I wanted to share his recipe most of all.....(sorry Miss Kitty).

I promise you....I didn't marry my husband because he was a great southern cook....well, maybe a lil' bit, because....a girl can eat, but he's pretty fantastic....the great cooking skizillz is just a bonus.  ;)

When I asked him if he'd share his sweet potato pie recipe with my readers, I was a bit shocked when he said yes.  He's a private fella and quiet as kept, there also seems to be an underground secret society of recipe hiders on his side of the family (I'll never get his late grandmother's Caramel cake recipe from his aunt) so,  I just knew he'd say no; but, to my surprise, he was all for it....he even baked said pie for me - two to be exact.

What I love best about his pies is they are chock full of spices....and SO rich and buttery....and he makes a perfect pie crust.  Everyone knows a perfect crust is the crown jewel of any decent pie.  I found out his secret....he BUYS it!  LOL

For years, I turned my nose up at refrigerated pie crust, vowing every holiday to make the perfect apple pie with a crust from scratch...but, to no avail.  Meanwhile, hubby has cranked out perfect pies  with refrigerated dough, like gangbusters.  So, I gave up the ghost and let him be the Pie Making King of the house (kinda.....I've promised Thing  1 that she and I would make an apple pie for Thanksgiving...crossing fingers)  It's still a personal mission to make the perfect full from scratch pie....but I now admit, that there ain't nothing wrong with refrigerated dough - we like Pilsbury :)

Also....the texture of his pies are not dense as some other sweet potato pies I've had.  His tends to be more fluffy and light in texture....almost borderline souffle!  Also, he tops his pie with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon which I just love because it gives the pie even more flavor!  A small slice of hubby's sweet potato pie and a dollup of whipped cream for me is always a win!

I think I've made it pretty clear that I eat a Ketogenic diet most days...but I'm giving myself a pass for Thanksgiving, because I REALLY want to eat pie and a few other carb heavy dishes.....I can indulge a bit, right? (damn right I can 100+ lbs down since this time last year!)

If you're making pies this holiday and haven't made sweet potato before or want to try it a different way, test out my hubby's'll love it! (and let me know if you do....he's sort of anxious to hear some he thinks it's going to make him instafamous LOL)

Here's the recipe for you to download and print!

Are you planning on making any delicious family pie recipes?  Make sure you share them  and tag me on social media at @cwbdparties - and if you make THIS recipe, I'd love to hear what you think about it - or even any fond family Thanksgiving memories you have with your grandparents - so make sure to leave a comment below - Enjoy!

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