Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Night Watch Party - Free Printables

The big day is here....can well all get an AMEN?!!!!!

I voted early and am sitting back with baited breath on who will be our next President.  In the meantime, between time, I whipped up some printables for watching the numbers roll in tonight.  If you'll be watching along with your family and friends, you might want to print out some festive decor for your Election Night watching celebration too!|

These printables are for the patriotic at heart and don't have to be used for just an Election Night event. Each printable page comes with instructions for printing and assembly and are for your personal use.  Feel free to download them here and have a great matter who wins!...and if you haven't yet...go out and rock your vote!!!

If you use these printables tonight, be sure to take photos and tag me on social media at @cwbdparties - I'd love to see how you're celebrating today.  Enjoy!

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