Thursday, October 20, 2016

Our Spooky Outdoor Halloween House Decor

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I were out running errands when we drove past (quite possibly) the one house in our neighborhood that decorates to the hilt for Halloween (....and Christmas....and Easter.....and National Hamburger Day J/K).  As soon as I saw it, I knew the seed was planted.

The Mini Diva turned to me and asked, 'Mommy, are we going to put up our Halloween decorations early this year?'

Me: 'Well, I guess so....I mean, as long as I don't have something to do.'

Her; 'Well, mommy you always have something to do.  I just want to put them up early this year because every year I feel like we wait until the day before Halloween to put them up....and I know you're busy, but I just want to do them you think you can take some time to do it?'

UGH!!!!  She got me right. in. the. gut!!!

Last year's Halloween decor - 2 days before Halloween :)

So, yeeeessss, I admit I've been busy, I always am, I'm a full-time wife and mom, with a full-time job, I run an Etsy shop, a party planning business and I have this here blog and always needing to keep up with social media for my business....but, family first right? OF COURSE.  So, this weekend, I did what any good Halloween loving mama would do, I dug my way through piles of old clothes, gift wrap, boxes and bins and physically dragged out the Halloween stash from the back of the storage closet.

I love me some Halloween, it is no secret, but honestly, most of my Halloween decorating has come out of necessity to write blog posts!!!  Can you imagine?  I feel horrible about it too, because for the past few years, I haven't actually decorated for Halloween just because it's my fave, or because I want to bring feelings of delight and joy to my kids (that's what trick or treating in Old Town Alexandria is for) I mostly decorated because I came up with a fun theme to share with YOU for Halloween.  GAH!  (I'm not a horrible mother, I'm not a horrible mother, I'm not a horrible mother.....)  I mean...we do the fun fall things.....

Fall Pumpkin' Picking at the farm!

I DO THE FUN THINGS....but needless to say, my baby girl was right.  I've been neglecting fun family time.  So, when my Mini-me asked for just a bit of my time to do something FUN with her....I couldn't say no.  Folks, this is probably the first blog post I've written about Halloween in a long time where the intent to decorate was solely for my kids......

Our Halloween decorated my kids....well....except that topiary....that's allll me!
They wanted a spooky graveyard in the front of the house and that's what they got

In the past we've set up a graveyard in the back of the house with strobelights and a fog machine and threw a party with their friends, but this year we're bringing it to the front of the house - and early!

Now, I mentioned before that I keep all my Halloween decor.  Since I've blogged about so many different Halloween party ideas, I'm at no loss for decorations.  Other than the fresh pumpkins, this was a no cost decorating endeavor!

My girl was so excited, she was determined to take over the decorating, she came up with a great idea to stick fake black roses and mums next to the gravestones

We just threw Mr. Bones out in a haphazard scattered bones.

Our pumpkin topiary house number from last years Fall Door project gets a new look next to fresh fall gourds

.....and a bit of whimsy with a giant spider (eek), skeleton garland and my Witch's Broom parking sign!

There's more to be done, this is just the start of our outdoor decor because my daughter wants to put cobwebs on the bushes and hang ghosts from the trees!  They'll be pumpkin carving this weekend, so, we'll be plenty deep in Halloween fun.  The inside of our home will be filled with ghosts, goblins, bats, rats and ghouls galore!  I'll be sure to share all of those shenanigans with you soon.

Also, I'm excited that we will also be heading back to Old Town Alexandria to partake in their Halloween parade on Lee Street!  It's quite a festive occasion and the kids love the spectacle of it all.  It's a very busy celebration but it can get quite congested and overwhelming in some areas.  My husband and I try to have a game-plan in place to keep our little ones safe.

Here are some safety tips we try to abide by:

  • One is that is we both stick with one kid each.  We hold hands with them unless they're in line for candy and they know not to run and dart off to anyone's house.  
  • While I like that most of the residents sit outside their homes and pass out candy, some of the streets in Old Town are very dark, so my kids always wear glow sticks around their necks and reflector tape on their shoes.  
  • We make sure that our cell phones are fully charged in case we get separated. In the event we do happen to get separated, we have a checkpoints where we can meet up at.  
  • Obviously on Halloween night it's hard to tell a good cop from a costume cop, but the local Police Department is in full force at this event.  They're always near their vehicles and we try to make sure our kids know the difference and to speak to one of the REAL officers if they do (God forbid) happen to get away from us.  
  • Hopefully, these are some tips that maybe you can use if you're out on a busy Halloween night with little ones and twittle ones :)

Trick or Treating in Old Town 2015 - Fun times

Before I sign off, I know I got a bit sappy earlier, but as a Blogger, I've always wanted to just share a the fun parts of my, for me, is entertaining at home with friends and family, celebrating holidays and special occasions, making and creating crafts, recipes and diy projects, and sometimes sharing how to get through everyday life.  My life isn't a Pinterest perfect isn't as coordinated as square Instagram shot, it just is what it life....which more often, than not, is a hot ass mess, but it's okay.

I know that you're wondering what in the world this has to do with Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decor, it's not about the decor, it's about being present....the spooky party is what is out in the world.  There are so many scary things happening right now, it's important to just take time.  I'm surrounded by people who constantly remind me of that....and thank God for them, but thank God more so, when he gives me the discernment to listen to my children and my husband when it's time to.  I'll only have a few years with them as littles and soon they'll be teenagers and the fun stuff that we do now will not matter to them....although, I hope that doesn't end.....I know it's possible.

I write all this to express that, if you're a busy mom like me, sometimes we can get a bit caught up in all the this and thats of the day....especially if you're a blogging mom or an entrepreneurial mom.  I know there is pressure to produce, shine, be bright, daring, be brave and bold....that's all fine well and good.  But it's even better to just take a moment, live life, have a little fun and chill....and I hope that you do....and I hope that you're having a fun-filled Halloween season in the process.

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