Friday, October 2, 2015

No Sew Spider Pompom Halloween Tote

Here's an easy idea for making a fun tote for your little trick or treater!

I made a no sew tote using a min canvas bag, a black pompom and ribbon.  If you know me, you know I'm not the sewing type.  I will do it in a pinch, but for this project, I hot glued my way to success.

To make the bag you will need:

Mini canvas tote bag
A black pompom (I made mine with yarn, you can purchase large ones online or at a craft store)
Black ribbon
Hot or Fabric Glue

The steps are super easy and it took me under an hour to make.

To start,  cut your ribbon into four 4" and four 1" strips.  I used gingham ribbon for my bag, but you can use satin,

With fabric or hot glue, add a wad of  it to one side of the pompom and attach it to the center of the bag.  I did put a piece of plastic in the inside of my bag so the glue didn't adhere to the backside of the bag.  You can also use a silicone hot glue mat if you have one.

Take your cut strips of ribbon and begin adding them around the pom to form the legs for the spiders.  The smaller strips should be placed at the ends of the longer strips on an angle to form the 'feet' (I know spiders technically don't have feet - but work with me).

Once you've added all the legs, let the glue dry (if you're using fabric glue) overnight.   All that's left is to wait to fill your bag with delicious Halloween goodies!!!!

I love how this bag turned out - and it's very easy for kids to make too and would make a great activity for a Halloween crafting party.  Pompoms are so versatile, you can try an orange pompom and make a pumpkin or add wings to a black one for a bat, a green pompom with a hat cut from black felt would make for a great spooky witch!!!  If you make this project, be sure to leave a comment below and share a link with me OR post it to my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram!  I'd love to see how your project turned out!

Don't forget - I'll be kicking off my 13 Days of Handmade Halloween series on Monday, Oct. 15 with 13 days full of DIY Halloween tutorials from 13 different bloggers!  Be sure to check back each day for a new project!

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