Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Front Door Project

This is a product review for Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  All opinions are my own.

I recently had an opportunity to give my front door new life using Modern Masters Never Fades Front Door Paint in the color Sophisticated (red).  Considering how janky our front door was looking for the past few years, I jumped at the chance to give it a face lift!

To start, we perused the Modern Masters  Front Door Paint Collection for new colors.  Our door was already a deep scarlet shade of red and I really wanted to paint the door black for a more chic and neutral look, but my husband said red doors are a sign of good luck.  So, I went along with it and we chose our favorite from the shades of red that were available and selected Sophisticated!  

I love how Modern Moments selected the names of the colors. Each one plays off of a human emotion - that's pretty darn cool, if you ask me!  If you aren't sure what color will work best on your home, 
You can use a their Front Door App! 

We had a lot of prep work to do.  I was so grateful that my husband pitched right in and helped clean, fill, sand, tape and even paint the whole door......along with his trusty assistant!

When you're prepping your door for painting, make sure you clean it well.  There was a lot of dirt and grime on the door.  We used a regular non-bleach household cleaner to wipe the door down.  Then, we patched up holes with wood filler and sanded the door down in the areas that were rough to smooth it out.  We wiped the door down again after sanding and then taped up areas around the fixtures.  I learned a neat trick from my husband when painting over door stickers.  Use painter's tape and then trim the excess off using a utility knife.  

(I want to add that we do have stickers for our alarm company on the door.  I am not gonna lie.....I erased them out of the main photo because, for reals.....the door doesn't look so cute with them on it).

After all our prep work, we were ready to paint!

Right from the beginning, I knew I was going to love this paint color on our door.  It was rich and vibrant and had a very smooth consistency.  We didn't need very much for our door.  We were able to paint it in with two coats in just under 3 hours (we allowed it to dry for an hour after the first coat).  Other than a little peeling when we removed the painters tape from our fixtures (we touched that up easily), I believe this paint job was a success!

 It's been about 2 weeks since I painted the door and each time I go home, I am amazed how awesome our door looks.  It's like  a breath of fresh air!  No more dull red - yay!  It's holding up very well too.  My husband had his reservations, but he said that it's doing great.

With my door all painted up, I decided to add some fall color and decor to our entryway.  I dressed up the doorway with a bouquet of potted mums - and happy scarecrow people!  I found a few craft pumpkins at the dollar store that I painted with black chalk paint and wrote our house number on with gold paint and I added some ornamental cabbage to a ceramic pumpkin and finished the look with a rustic milk tin! 

I also wanted the door to have some color, so I whipped up a fall wreath with a few artificial flowers, burlap and ribbon.

Although we focused solely on our front door, there is plenty paint left for us to freshen up our shutters and the numbers on our curbside mailbox - but that's a whole other project entirely!

For more details and ideas for painting your front door visit Modern Masters.

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