Wednesday, August 26, 2015

25 Quotes for Lunch Box Notes

The kids are heading back to school and on some days they might have a tough time adjusting to new teachers and friends (some who are not so nice).  Just like adults, kids sometimes need a bit of a loving nudge to remind them how special they are.  I designed these lunch box notes for my ESSENTIAL Back-to-School printable pack and will be adding them to my kids' lunches everyday.

You can download the file, print the PDF and then cut!  The cards are blank so you can type in a loving sentiment in the actual document or doodle something by hand that is inspiring and uplifting,  like I did here.

If your brain is a little fried late in the evening or early in the morning when it's time to pack up lunch, and you can't think of something super fabulous to write on your note, I've listed 25 quotes below that you can use to help you out.

1.  Good luck, you will do great today.
2.  Have a great day!
3.  You're awesome
4.  Remember to smile.
5.  Enjoy your day.
6.  I am SO proud of you.
7.  Awesome + kid = Lucky Mom
8.  Walk with purpose.
9.   Stay Awesome
10. Do your very best.
11. You're great beyond measure.
12. Rock Star!
13. Be simply AMAZING today!
14.  You are loved.
15.  Dream big.
16.  Nothing beats failure like a try.
18.  Stay focused.
19.  You got this.
20.  One smart cookie.
21.  Believe that you can and you will.
22.  Apples make the brain grow smarter.
23.  You are EXCELLENT
24.  You're tha bomb dot com.
25.  I love you.

I also really love these Christian prayers for Back-to-School

Our linky party is still in full swing.  Head over and find more awesome Back-to-School ideas from our Party Gals and other bloggers!

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