Thursday, December 4, 2014

{TUTORIAL} DIY Glass Footed Candy Dish

Remember back in the day, you'd go to your grandma's house or an older aunt or relative and there was ALWAYS a candy dish sitting out.  You know it had to have hard candy, peppermint, butterscotch....just a small sweet treat wrapped in cellophane!  Those are some of the memories I have as a child.  Well, I bringing those fond memories into my home now, since I now have my own grandchildren (ssshhhhhh.....). 

I came across a very pretty - almost Victorian style - glass bowl at the Dollar Tree (one of my fave places) and thought, boy this would make a cute candy dish....but, I wanted to put a spin on it.  I thought, why not make it a footed bowl!  So, I did.....and here's how I did it!!!!

To make this project you only need a few items......

Strong bonding glue - that will adhere glass to glass like E6000
Fancy glass bowl
Glass candlestick

Gather your supplies!

(I really wish I got a better picture of the's just pretty!)

Carefully place glue around the small end of your candle stick.  This will be the base (or foot) that your bowl will sit on.  Take care not to get the glue on your hands, in your eyes, on your clothes.....and for the love of God don't go sniffing it!  Open a window.  Seriously, you won't work with it that long, but just in case.

Turn your bowl over and adhere the candlestick to the center of the bowl.  Allow it to dry for at least an hour.

Once dried, you can add any old candy you want!  I added a festive bow to mine.  Cute right?

This project literally cost me $4 to make....I only paid for the glass pieces and candy.  I already owned the glue - which you can find at Home Depot or your craft store. You can make this item to keep for yourself and use year round.  It also makes a nice present.  Fill it with fudge or truffles and give to your host/hostess at your next holiday party!

If you like this project idea and want to save it for later, you can pin the image below to your Christmas Crafts Pinterest Board (and if you don't have one......create one.....cause I have more ideas to share over the next few days!!!!)

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