Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{13 Days of Handmade Halloween} Witch Cauldron Cake Pop Tutorial

Hey everyone!! It's Autumn from Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins (AKA EZ Favors Lollipop Shop)!! Today I am excited to bring you a super fun witch cauldron cake pop tutorial!!! A huge Thank You to Keisha for letting me share this tutorial!! Let's start off by gathering our supplies!! Please excuse the horrible pics...I am way better at sweets than I am at photography!!
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The Basics:
First off you need a good cake pop recipe...I always fall back on this one from Bakerella the cake pop queen!!
1 lb of black Merckens chocolate (You should be able to dip between 20-24 cake pops per lb.)
M&M Minis
Lollipop sticks or paper straws (I used straws for this project...but the lollipop sticks work the same).
Top of Witch Cauldron:
1/4 lb Merckens green chocolate
1/4 lb CK candy crunch in key lime
Wilton jumbo skull sprinkles
Wilton jumbo bone sprinkles
1/4 lb Merckens orange chocolate
1/4 lb Merckens yellow chocolate
Red Sanding Sugar
Let's get rolling!! Roll your cake pops into basic balls and let rest on wax paper!! Melt your chocolate in the microwave at 50% power in 30 second increments until smooth. Please note that you should stir between each 30 seconds as the chips often maintain there shape until stirred. The chocolate is ready to be used when it reaches the consistency in the pic above!!
Let's get these balls on a stick!! Simply dip the end of your straw into your hot chocolate and insert into cake ball about half way. Next grab a few mini M&M's and attach to the sides of the cake balls..these are becoming the witch cauldron handles!! Let the chocolate set up for about 3-4 minutes before dipping!!
Dip each cake pop into your bowl of chocolate, shake off the extra chocolate until your cake pop is nice and smooth,? set to dry back on your wax paper..this will give you the flat top that you need for adding the decorations!! The pic shows two dry cake pops ready for the next step and the cake pop on the right that is still drying!! Drying time is usually less than 3 minutes. You will know the cake pop is dry when it is not as shiny.
Next favorite part..adding the decorations!!! Melt your green chocolate in the microwave using the same process you did for the black chocolate above! Dip the top part of your witch cauldron cake pop into the green chocolate!! Dip just enough to cover the top..a little running down the side adds some extra fun to the cauldron!! Immediately dip the top of your cake pop into the key lime candy crunch giving your cauldron a bubbling like look!! Now it's time to add in the skulls and bones...feel free to add as many as you like!!
Time to add the final touches to the cauldrons!! The flames!! Simple melt the orange and the yellow candy melt in the microwave and pour into a piping bag ( a ziploc bag will work in a pinch)!!! Snip off the corner of your bag and pipe flames onto your cauldron starting with the orange, then the yellow and finish off with a sprinkle of red sanding sugar!! That's it you have completed your first set of witch cauldron cake pops!! Thanks for following along..please feel free to contact me with any questions!!!
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