Wednesday, April 9, 2014

{Pretty Crafty} Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

Today, I am sharing another crafty item I created for the English Garden Inspired Spring Party shoot I styled for the spring issue of Everyday Party Magazine. For the favor bags, I made gift tags that featured a handmade paper flower. These flowers were so easy to make and they don't take much time at all.

paper crafts, paper flowers, garden party

Here are the step by step instructions for you to make your own!
paper flower, paper crafts, spring party

Here's a look at all the flowers I made for this shoot -aren't they pretty?!!!!

paper crafts, paper flower, favor tags, garden party ideas
A few tips:

  • To make the flower a little more dimensional, I curled the edges of the petals with my fingers, you can also use a wooden dowel or pencil to get the same effect.  I also inked the edges of the flowers, as well, with a bit of Distress Ink.

  • Keep a small bowl of ice water near you in case you get burned by the hot glue, no fun making pretty things with burned fingers!

  • You don't have to use a 1" circle punch, you can make the flowers as big as you'd like.  You might need more flowers if you do go bigger - but I'm not 100% sure - if you happen to make them using larger circles, please share a picture and leave it in the comments box, I'd love to see how it turned out.



  1. These are so cute! I think I may even be able to do this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks @Kristal Lee! I loved making them, I really want to see what they would look like with larger circles!

  3. @Enchanted Expectations - it's very easy and they are so pretty when you add the extra ink around the edges too!

  4. These are so pretty! I love how your curled the petals to make them look so real. Definitely going to try this!

  5. These are the prettiest little flowers! You make it look so easy too. Love the green! I may have to give these a try.


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