Friday, February 7, 2014

{Friday Freebie} 3 Valentine's Day Classroom Ideas (Printables)

So, it's pretty clear that some schools are being all UPPITY about what kids can bring into the class for parties.  I'm not saying that my kids' school does this (blatant disclaimer).....I'm just saying it kinda sucks, cause I TOTALLY remember moms bringing in homemade cupcakes and delicious sweets for us kids when I was in school.  The BEST of them were the chocolate cupcakes with REALLY sweet frosting and cinnamon hearts!  I DIE FOR A GOOD CUPCAKE......not really....I digress....

Given the current (and unfair) state of protocol for classroom treats in our schools, I came up with three genius.....ideas for cards.....okay....maybe not genius.....but let me tell you, I felt like EINSTEIN when I thought of these!

I was at Michael's last weekend and came across some adorable Valentine's Day favor baggie fillers.  I thought these would look really cute with the cards I started designing for my kid's classmates!  I figured, that some parents will be on the hunt for similar, fun treats to pass out.  So, I am SHARING (aaaaw)....I've got printables for ya and my spot on creative genius to help ya out.

You can find the favors at Michaels - if you don't have one nearby most places like Target, Party City, Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart have similar items out in their Valentine's Day aisle.

The items I chose were heart shaped mazes, bubbles and a small scratch pad and pencil.  You're going to need my Classroom Valentine's Day Printables, medium sized glue dots, a 2" circle punch or scissors, a 1/8" hole punch and some ribbon or twine to recreate these cards as I've made them.....or use your own creative swag and put your own spin on them.

You're All-Write!  For the Scratch pad and pencils, cut out the round tags and punch a small hole in the top center of the tag. Then, use a glue dot to hold the pencil in place on top of the pad.  Finally, add the tag to the pencil with string

You're a-MAZE-ing and  You BLOW me away! - Simply print out your cards, cut and add a glue dot to the heart shaped maze and mini bubble favors and place onto the card. Sooooo simple....soooo cute.

These cards are REALLY easy to put together (Yeah - no messy glue) with your kids, definitely get them in on the fun and ENJOY! You can download the printables here!

(PS:  Michaels did NOT send me anything or pay me to post these products on my blog.  I was actually at the store and found them and thought I'd share. )

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