Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{Friday Fun.....on Tuesday} FABruary Style Dare Week 3

Yes, I am writing my FABruary Style Dare review on a Tuesday.  I told ya, life got in the way last week and now I get to play catch up.  It is now  week 3 of Fox in Flats' FABruary Style Dare and even though my week was insane, I managed to get all but one of my challenges done....I didn't say on time, but they were done.

{Day 16 - Leggy} I couldn't think of one thing that I could use as leggy without being self conscious of my big ol' legs!  So, I figured, the best thing to do was to make it fun.  Me and The Mini Diva took this one together.  She has lot of cute socks, so I picked up a pair and took this picture with her......she mentioned to me that these socks were not very stylish!  LOL

{Day 17 - Laces} Another darn challenge involving my legs!!!  I didn't realize how self conscious I am about my legs until I started this challenge.  These magenta lace ups are probably one of the cutest pair of shoes I own....I wore these to two weddings a few years ago and they have been shelved ever since. 

{Day 18 - Bun} So, we're not gonna even go there after the last attempt at pulling together a quiff hair style,  I skipped this challenge altogether.

{Day 19 - Polka Dot} Here is a cute polka dot headband that I got on clearance a few weeks backs.  I was thinking of using it for a dare on another day, but changed my mind.  I am not sure how I feel about headbands on me....I think it makes me look to young - and not in a youthful way....more like, 'You're trying to hard, lady!, kinda way.

{Day 20 - Fragrance  Miss Dior - Cherie.....I love this perfume and the bottle too.  It's so girly!  I got this as a Christmas present a few years ago and I use it sparingly.  It smells just like Jasmin and oranges!

{Day 21 - Red} Red is my faaaaaavorite color.  So, this challenge made me very happy.  The top I am wearing is one of my favorite's reminds me of water color roses.

{Day 22 - Button Up} - Probably the easiest challenge yet!  I have loads of buttony clothes!  The jacket I am wearing fits weird though... :\

That is all for this week....and if you want to follow along with the challenge check it out on instagram #FABruary to see how some of the other ladies are stylin'  

If you are completely over my vanity, don't worry, this week is not as chaotic and we'll be hopping right back onto the party train tomorrow with a client featured football themed baby shower! Hooray!

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