Friday, February 15, 2013

{Friday Fun} FABruary Style Dare Week 2

So, it is the 2nd week of Fox in Flats' FABruary Style Dare and I'm still all in.  Here's a recap of the items of the day and my thoughts on each!

{Day 9 - Killer Heels}  You know why they're killer heels.....because they kill my feet!!!!  I love these shoes, got em on clearance at Target and they're from the Isaac Mizrahi line.  I rarely wear them and the day that I had them on I immediately kicked them off and took this pic!

{Day 10 - Bright}  This is one of my favorite winter's neon yellow and grey!  You can't see how bright it is, the lighting was bad.

{Day 11 - Belted}  I snagged this powder blue trench off the back of my work buddy Jenna's coat hook!!!!  I borrow it from her sometimes to run out and grab a bite to it, cause it's so darn cute!  Since it matched the day's theme, I snapped this flick!

{Day 12 - Orange Lipstick}  Wasn't sure how this would work out, but I found a shade to match my skin tone perfectly!  I love how thin my face looks!!!!

{Day 13 - Flats}  I know it looks like I am light on my feet, but I am sitting on a brick wall, with my pants jacked up, on the side of a very busy street and my leg is covering a hole I put in my stockings while pulling them up!  Haha!!!!  I found these purple flats over the a beauty supply store for $10!!!!  I am a bargainista, for realz! Oh - and they fit my feet perfect.  Most flats look funny on my wide foot, but these actually are cut perfectly for me.

{Day 14 - Quiff}  Don't know what a quiff is????  I didn't either.  But it's a funky hairstyle that....doesn't ever seem to go out of style....see here, here, here and here.  Back-story to this picture:  I wear a wig. I have a thyroid condition and a jacked up bald spot in the middle of my head that a decent comb-over can't even hide.  So, I usually keep my own hair in it's pleasantly nappy, kinky, curly state, twisted up and in a bun.  So, to get this look, I had to untwist my hair, use a crap-load of product and flat iron it to death.  My natural hair doesn't like to be agitated.  I finally got the style that I liked....and before I could count to 10, my hair started to frizz and curl it's way back up.  What you see below, is my second attempt at straightening my hair and I was pissed and tired when I finally got a decent picture.  Although the style was adorable in person....I can't, I just can't.

{Day 15 - Fuzzy} Fuzzy wuzzy was a huge white Tibet wool coat!!!!  My nana, Dottie gave me this coat years ago after I begged and begged for it.  Really, I wanted it because it reminded me of the coat that Prince wore in this video.... (don't laugh!).  After all that begging I did, I only wore the coat a club, where it was hot and I was afraid to even take it off because I didn't want it stolen....tragic.  Anyhoo, I still love this coat, but I have nowhere to wear it and when it was originally passed down to me, I was this size.  If I wear it now, I might end up looking like this thing, or this monster or one of those damn Wampas!.....and that is not cute or stylish!  For now, I'll love the coat from afar, and maybe pass it on to my daughter one day.  I had an idea to have it turned into  a pair of boots, hand muff and hat....maybe a cute vest....but my grandmother would probably be really offended.

Remember you can still join in the fun and do the style dare right along with the rest of's really fun, you might surprise yourself and find that you actually can rock a style you didn't think you could!  If you'd prefer to just see what everyone else is styling you can follow along on my Instagram or at #FABruary and follow @foxinflats for updates

Have a great weekend!!!!

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