Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Freebies} Free Back to School Printables

I recently had an opportunity to collaborate with Cristy Mishkula over at Pretty My Party on a fun back to school themed party.

Photo - Christy Mishkula, Pretty My Party

Here are just a few images of the designs:

{This was my original design I made over a year ago}

{This is what I came up with after discussing with Cristy, what she was looking for}

Isn't it kinda neat what this collection transitioned to? I love it! I started making this collection over a year ago.....inspired by a kitchen tea towel I purchased from Target (can't find the towel in the store anymore, but this crafty lady made a skirt for her wee one using the same towel). I had no idea what to do with the original design and was just thinking it was gonna sit in my dead files.  Then, a few weeks ago, I learned that Cristy was looking for back-to-school printables!  So, I sent her my ideas and she looooooooooooved them (maybe that is an exaggeration.....but she did give me a thumbs up on the printables).  So, in the spirit of all that is cool with going back to school....I hope you all love them too!

You can find the printables available for download over on Cristy's blog, Pretty My Party or here.

 How are you preparing for the new school year or have you already started?


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