Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Thursday Inspiration} Woodland Fun

As an adult, I really appreciate where I grew up now, more than ever.  In our neighborhood, there were woods, creeks, swaps, lots of tall trees and bushes to hide in and and as kids, we always felt safe.   I guess we just didn't know any better.  I remember  getting together with my best friends during the summer and setting up makeshift tents for an outdoor camp out!  It was always so much fun.  Sometimes, we'd even sleep out overnight and look up at the stars and make wishes....we always swore we saw a shooting star.  

Well, this fond memory got me to thinking about doing something fun with my own kids in our a mom, I'd NEVER let them sleep outside in our backyard overnight, but I'm sure this crazy brain of mine can think of a way to still bring that sense of adventure to a backyard camp out by adding a little bit of fun and imagination!

My best ideas usually come from my kids and lately they have been into a new cartoon program, Gravity Falls and its got me a bit inspired for my next party project......

Can ya see where I might be going with this????

Woodland Invitations
Woodland terraniums
Woodland Fairy Houses
Woodland Cake
Woodland Dwelling
Woodland Celebration
Woodland First Birthday
Woodland Sweets Table

Hope you were inspired too- and don't forget to enter to win great prizes in our Bloggerversary giveaway!

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