Friday, June 22, 2012

{Etsy Shop} ANNOUNCEMENT & New Listings

Just wanted to share a few new items I added to the Etsy shop!

With my work schedule, along with just being a wife and mom, along with demand from customers, AND my desire to add my Party-to-Go items to the shop, I decided to offer my deluxe party kits as printables.

I will still provide professional printing services for invitations and other party stationery, however, the full party kits are a bit too much for me to continue to handle at the moment. Hopefully things will change and maybe in the future, I'll be able to reinstate that service. In the meantime, here are some new items I just added to the shop as printables.

 A really fun summertime Popsicle themed party is a sure way to beat the heat!

I also updated a collection I created a few years back. It needed new life!  This Pink Baby Elephant Party printable set is just too cute!  I think it's perfect for a baby's first birthday or shower!  I love the colors too - has sort of a preppy feel to it!

I have all intents and purposes to take some REAL photos of these parties over the weekend - crossing my fingers - in the meantime, check out our other items listed the shop for more fun party printables & decor!



  1. What cute designs!! I love them both! I wish you well with your printable collections- a great idea!

  2. Loving the color combos. Perfect for summer!

  3. @Christine - Thanks! The colors remind me of sherbet and sorbet!

  4. love both of your new designs! the popsicle is perfect for a texas summer!

  5. @Modern Frills - thanks - I've heard about those Texas summers! Stay cool!!!

  6. I absolutely love your designs Keisha! Good luck with your printable collections. You will do great!

  7. My AKA daughter would love the pink and green!

  8. Oooh...I love the popsicle theme~!


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