Monday, April 23, 2012

{Party Starters} Rock Star Party Invitations

I'm skipping my regularly scheduled Cupcake Monday post today to share my Rock Star Party Invites that I designed for my upcoming kids' birthday party. If you're a regular reader, you will know that I was forced (kicking & screaming) by my DH to combine their birthday parties this year. Since they both love playing on their toy guitars, they asked for a Rock Star theme for their party.

My daughter likes pink and my son loves blue, I chose red, grey and black as the perfect rocker colors that I thought would go well with the other two colors for a well balanced color scheme.

This was a pretty ambitious project, aside from the actual insert with the party details, everything was cut out on my Cricut and stamped or embellished with something.  I went a bit overboard on what I wanted the invite to look like, and I'll probably never make anything like this again, but the end result is pretty darn cool - plus it's for my bay-bays!!!!.

There happens to be a lot of pink here and I think it looks more girly, but I will be honest, my son will be four and his only friends are his three little nephews. So, I will make him his own boy-friendly invite to give the boys. My daughter passed out her invites to her classmates today and her non-school friends will receive their invites in the mail this week!

Sorry if my posts have been sporadic or random, but I'm crazy busy with more projects for this party but, I will keep you posted on everything as I go along!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

PS (If you have a Cricut - I used the Life's a Party cartridge to make the invites and used the Star shape, layer and card on page 33 - the links take you to my Amazon Affiliate page and if purchased, I may receive a commission - thanks!)



  1. Such a great idea. Love them too, Keisha!

  2. Very creative invitations. You did a great job.

  3. boa noite,ame, muito bonito seu trabalho.
    chocolates doce

  4. The best invitation I've ever gotten in the mail!!!! Love it!


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