Friday, October 21, 2011

{Pom Love} Yarn Pom Photo Props

I totally had a whole post ready for you on how to make my Monster cupcakes until I saw these ABSOLUTELY ANGELIC & ADORABLE pictures in-me Etsy convo inbox!

Recognize anything in the photos????  Those are my yarn pom-pom garlands!!!!

A few weeks ago I was contacted on Etsy by Hannah Hilliard about using my yarn pom-pom garlands for photo props. Hannah is an AWESOME photographer based out of Indianapolis and asked if I could send her something, girly-girly, shabby chic, boy friendly - and a FUN one.  So, I gathered up some poms, strung them together and sent them on their way!

I was so excited to see how she was going to use them in her photos and I am sooo very pleased with how they look.....kinda keepin' watch over them cute-as-cupcakes, sleepin' babies!  Aaaaaaw.....

You can see more of Hannah's fantastic photography here.  (UPDATE - Those cute-tastic hats are by Polka Dot Pocket)

Hey Hannah, if you're reading this, thanks again for sharing the photos they're awesome!!!

....and  to make up for not showing you all how to make a monster is a freebie for you!

It's a BOO! door tag for you to BOO all your neighbors and friends!  Enjoy!

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