Saturday, October 22, 2011

{A Fanciful Twist} Halloween Party 2011

Two little girl witches, Witch Sue and Witch Boo set out one night to Trick or Treat. There were fun little witches who wore silly socks and shoes on their feet. 

Door to door they rang and knocked filling their cat stacks full and well stocked.  One little house they happened upon was a magic one, as if there were none, full of cupcakes, puffy things, sweet things and fun! 

The delightful host asked the little witches if they would please come in to join they party, but to enter, a happy face was the key.

They were asked to please take a seat, mingle and be sweet, because at this magic house party there were no tricks only WONDERFUL treats!!! 

Together they sat, and checked their cats, for all the wonder and merry inside.....

....then the delightful host asked, Witch Sue and Witch Boo, to join the other children to craft and create an All-Hallows ghost!

So, they gathered their supplies.......

they wrapped.........

they tied......

 They even added......



making little ghosts to join in and play.......

but soon night began to take over the was time to leave, as the little girl witches readied themselves to go back home, they waved goodbye, hopped on their broomsticks, a sight to be seen, and with a giggle and whirl they flew off and shouted 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN!'

Thanks for joining my party!  Now head on over to A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Bash to party hop!

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