Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Aviator Party Kit Ready to Fly!

I am soooo excited!  I've been busy assembling some new party collections for my Etsy shop.  I'm just about ready to add the Little Aviator party kit to the store!  Here's an early look at what I'll soon be offering:

I can't remember exactly where I first saw address wraps - other than on a confirmation delivery from the post office - but how cute are these?!!!  The ones shown in the picture read you're invited - and work for invitations that are hand delivered, but the ones that will go on sale will have fill-in areas for the sender and addressee.

All my party mess!!!!

A party hat 'work in progress'!

Who doesn't love circle tags????  You can do so much with them!

I'm all about pennant banners lately.

I'm also all about luggage style party bag tags....I first created some for a client stationed in Japan and have been hooked ever since! 

I love this collection and can't wait to post it to my shop!  YEAH!

The party kit will include:

10 Invitations w/ envelopes (5x7)
10 Envelope Address Wraps (addressee fill-in)
1 Party Planning Guide
1 Door Sign
1 Pennant Banner
24 Circle Tags
1 Birthday Child Party Hat
10 Party Hats
12 Cupcake Toppers
12 Food Toppers
10 Napkin Wraps
10 Straw Flags
10 Flying Ace Certificates
10 Favor Bags
10 Bag Tags

Ooooh...I feel a giveaway coming!

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