Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Answered Prayer


She's not my dog.  About two Saturdays ago I saw this little princess running up the busy main road by my house. Clearly she was lost or had gotten away from her home.  She had on a red sweater but no ID and I knew that someone was missing her bad.  I brought her into our home and promised my husband that I wasn't keeping her and consistently reminded my two kids of the same thing.  Since we didn't know her name we called her 'Lucky' because it was by luck that I just happened to be looking out the window at the time I saw her trotting down the road. 

First thing Monday, I called the Vet's office and animal shelter in my area and left my contact info hoping that someone would claim her.  I even kept an eye out for postings about a missing dog and saw nothing.  We started to treat 'Lucky' as a member of our family and even got her a doggy bed to sleep in.  My daughter fell in love with her and was on a campaign to make her stay permanent.  I kept reminding her that 'Lucky' belonged to someone else and I wasn't sure we'd keep her.  My husband told me that if noone claimed her that the decision would be mine to make as what to do with her.

Well, after almost two weeks of not hearring anything I realized that although I really would love to have a dog eventually and that 'Lucky' is a sweet and well behaved dog, that I didn't have the time to focus on keeping up with her.  She has some age on her and my kids are very rambunctious and hyper and it just wasn't going to be a good fit for our family.   I'd made it up in my mind that after the New Year I would bring her to the shelter.  I had a rough night sleeping last night because I looked into 'Lucky's' little eyes and knew that she knew what I was planning.  She stayed in her little pet bed all night where normally she'd follow me around wherever I went.  I told her that I know that someone was missing her and that she was missing her owner and that God will make sure that she gets back home.

As I got into work this morning I had a message that someone called about a lost dog!  I immediately called the number and spoke to 'Lucky's' owner and she was so relieved and overjoyed.  I found out that 'Lucky's' name is Winnie and that she'd gotten out of the house during a holiday party the owner was having and that's why she was dressed in the red sweater. Winnie's owner lives a few streets away from us and posted signs about her dog but never got down to my street because she didn't think that Winnie would run that far.  She told me that Winnie is her best friend & her baby and how she prayed to God that she would be returned home for Christmas.

I will tell you that God answers prayers!  I am so happy that Winnie can be back home where she belongs and that her owner will have a very special and Merry Christmas!

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