Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Casual Thanksgiving Menus

I'm in the process of getting prepped for Thanksgiving dinner by planning out my menu (and cleaning out my fridge and pantry).  This year, I really want a very low-key and quiet Thanksgiving with my husband and kids....I'm holding my breath on that one.

In any case, I like to cook one new dish every year by thinking of different ways to cook the same traditional dishes I make.  For instance, a Mandarin Orange Glazed Turkey with Jasmine Rice and Curried Carrots would be very interesting for an Asian infused Thanksgiving - right?  On the down side of things, my husband would never have any of that, so I'm still stuck with a good ol' Mayflower meal!  However, that doesn't stop me from sharing with you some inspiration.

Here are three casual printable Thanksgiving  Menus that might offer up some ideas for you.  Just cut them out and place atop each place setting.  Recipes for most of the dishes can be found anywhere online.....however, the Coco Bread Stuffing is one that is all in my head!

Download the Traditional Menu Here
Download the Southern Menu Here
Download the Caribbean Menu Here

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