Monday, September 20, 2010

Should I.....Shouldn't I????

I had to ask myself a serious question the other day. 

I was doing custom work for someone and it dawned on me that this whole situation would work out better for the client if I just emailed her everything.  I knew it was gonna be pricey and I knew that if it were me, I'd probably try to find a more affordable way to attain these items.  In the long run, this is what ended up happening and it's a good thing.  So, now, I have a situation where the client is able to get what she wants and I'm still able to buy my baby a new pair of shoes.

Well, I was still hesitant about what I'd been pondering because - I love making my party designs by hand - I really do. I WILL stay up until 5 am making a case load of paper rosettes (insane).  Still, I just really had to ponder on the subject for a while and think hard because the question at hand went against a whole lotta no's that I had when I originally started my Etsy shop.  To printable or  not to printable?  That was the question. 

Honestly, I did not want to offer printables in my shop when I started it.  I figured that if people wanted my stuff they were going to have to get the whole kit and caboodle.  Well, it appears that with my schedule, with the economy and with the way things are going with most folks, the DIY trend is where it's at right now. Party printables are king (for some reason).....and to make sure I get it in, I need to be in the royal court.

So, I'm announcing that starting today, I will be offering printable party packs in my Etsy shop. In addition to the other items that I will make by hand, there will be a printable option available for customers.  For the moment, the printable collections will be on limited items and for only a period of time.  If you look at my store right now (, you will see that I have listed my first printable item in celebration of Halloween.

It's on sale right now for a limited you likey????

If so, you're in luck.  I'm giving away a printable file of the Halloween Collection to the first 5 followers who:

1. RT about the collection and include me in the tweet (@kikikens)
2. Post an update to their Facebook Page that includes a link to my Etsy Shop
3. Leave a comment below about what you think about printable party packs
4. Email me the links to the tweet and the post at

There is also going to be a giveaway on Twitter and FB - for people who (God bless 'em) don't read the can only enter once though if you are following me on either of these.  Sorry.


I am finishing up more Halloween party items....and hope to have them listed in the store by the end of the week.  Would love to know if you think they should be offered as printables or actuals.  Here's a sneak peek:

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