Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Less is More

When I first set out to plan my 35th birthday party, I really wanted to go with a Midsummer Night's Dream theme....and if you read this post you will know that did not happen.  I was really bummed about it because I loved the theme and thing it's a great idea.  It might not be something I can plan right now, but a great possible theme for a future event.  In any case what I learned by switching up themes and scaling down when you're short on time and money is that less is more. 

What I was able to produce with a few pieces of paper, ribbon, twine, mason jars, sand candles, paper table cloths, fake silverware, and some honeycomb balloons actually turned out better than I'd hoped.

When planning a party that you really have a tight budget on my tip is to use low cost items.  I went and got a lot of items on clearance and between $1-$3.  My biggest expense were bulk packs of plastic plates and cups.  I am an advocate of the Dollar Store and Discount Stores, you can always find something fabulous without cringing at check out.

Don't be afraid to use items you already have on hand.  My husband jokes that I keep the mason jars that we have from our spaghetti sauce.  However - those empty jars made great candle holders, filled with a bit of sand and a tealight candle, dressed up with ribbon - and voila!

I also purchased honeycomb balls at the party store and wanted to add a touch of elegance and charm by enhancing it with ribbon.


These are just a few simple ideas on how to do a lot with less.....just be creative and have fun with it!

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Room filled with Balloons
Simple Table Setting With Balloons

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