Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Inspiration: A New Love Affair with Twine

I was at the dollar store about a month ago and came across a random ball of twine.  Suddenly, my brain started churning out all the amazing things I could do with 225 feet of skinny rope.  You will not believe me when I tell you that ball of twine jumped right into my shopping cart and started telling me all the magnificent uses it had.  It knew I was an easy sell! 

Now, you would have thought that when I got home that I went straight to my work room and started gettin' it in with that ball of twine, but got in the way.  Since then, it's been sitting tucked away in a cupboard all by its lonesome.....until I came home over the July 4th holiday and found all my potted plants slumped over and on their way to glory. 

Refusing to let another summer heatwave steal my green thumb thunder, I grabbed some bamboo sticks (also a dollar store find) and my lonely ball of twine and straighted the stems out on my little green babies and worked towards bringing them back to life.

When I was done, I felt like a champion.  My little lonely ball of twine became my favorite new thing!  I got back to dreaming up all of the different things I could do with it.  As I searched around I found more and more creative ideas to add to my list.  For such an industrious looking product - it's got a multitude of uses!

Here is an inspiration board that I created displaying all the beautiousness that is twine:

What creative items have you made using twine?  Share them in the comments section below - include links to photos too!!!!

Photo Credits:
Kraft paper wrapped gift
Candles wrapped in twine from House of Hepworths
Twine-wrapped bottles from My Pink Life
Pressed flower Invitation
Twine-wrapped napkin & utensil
Mama's Belly Game - Accent the Party
Twine-wrapped flower pot centerpiece
Twine hung bunting

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