Monday, February 22, 2010

Cupcake Monday: Confetti & Beignets

I recently posted about my new blog ‘intentions’ (as opposed to resolutions) and another one I’m introducing today is Cupcake Monday.  Now, don’t take the title too literally.  I probably won’t always stick to a post about cupcakes that I make.  There is a chance that I will make some other confection or I might share a recipe with you that I found through another source.  It’s whatever floats my boat.  For the most part, however, I will try to stick to doing a new cupcake every weekend to post every Monday – barring any tragedies ;)

To start, my first Cupcake Monday features the (saved for another time) Valentine’s Day Confetti Cupcakes that me and the Little Diva made.  We also tested the Beignet recipe that was in her Princess and the Frog cookbook:

Vday cupcakes & beignettes 007 more on that later.

For the Sweets & Treats party that we had for Valentine’s Day, I never got around to making the cupcakes!  So, I told Miss Thing we’d make them over the weekend.  So we got to bakin’ and decoratin’….

Vday cupcakes & beignettes 003-1

We took my Triple Vanilla Cupcake recipe and added red and pink sprinkles into the batter and they were some kind of good!  The picture doesn’t show it, but I came up with the idea to do two-tone frosting.  Using a large star tip, I piped on a swirl of pink frosting on the outer layer and a drop of white in the center.  My daughter thought sticking a lollipop in the center would be ‘fun’.  I think it is a great substitution for a cupcake pick! 

Here are the other cupcakes we decorated.  Actually my daughter wanted to use the ‘swirly thing’ and this is what we got:

Vday cupcakes & beignettes 002

Over the next few weeks I’ll be getting items together for The Little Diva’s Princess and the Frog themed party for her birthday.  My daughter got a Princess Tiana’s Cookbook for Christmas and has been begging to make these.  So, we tested the beignet recipe from the book.   

Now, I never even heard of a beignet until I saw the movie, so I was a bit apprehensive about making them.  I have a thing about dough; we don’t get along unless it’s already baked and coated with either sugar or cheese.  That’s why I tend not to do cookies or bread or pie…..However, I sucked it up, put on my game face, pretended like mommy knew what she was doing and powered through.    Here they are:


To me, they remind me of those zepolle’s you get at the Italian Fair. 

They were really ‘so, so, yummy mommy!’   So, my plan is to make these for the party.  They have to be made and eaten the same day within a few hours of making them or they loose their joie de vivre. 

I would share the recipe with you, but since it came from a published cookbook, I can’t.  You can however find the book here.

….and you can see the ingredients and steps/tips here:







Baking Soda

Baking Powder

Nutmeg (next time I’ll use more, I’m originally from Connecticut and I dig nutmeg)

Confectioner’s Sugar


Vday cupcakes & beignettes 009

First, we added all the dry ingredients……Vday cupcakes & beignettes 011 

then all the wet ingredients….Vday cupcakes & beignettes 012 We mixed everything until well combined and doughy….

Vday cupcakes & beignettes 013

We floured our work surface and top of the dough and flattened it out into a square; this part was a bit tricky and messy because the dough is sticky.  I just had my ‘assistant’ and her ‘assistant’ sprinkle more flour when it got too sticky until I was able to work with it.Vday cupcakes & beignettes 015 

The we cut the dough into 2.5” squares…. (I did let the dough rest for 10 minutes - this step isn’t in the cookbook but I thought that it would help them rise a bit)Vday cupcakes & beignettes 016

I heated a large pan of oil up to 325 degrees using a candy/deep fry thermometer and dropped the dough pieces into Crisco ® Vegetable Oil one at a time.  (Note:Technically, you shouldn’t put more than 3 pieces into the pan at a time to keep the oil from losing heat – clearly, I cheated). 

We then let them fry to a golden brown on each side for about 3 minutes…Vday cupcakes & beignettes 017

Next, we removed the beignets from the oil and let them cool on a wire rack and sprinkled them with powdered sugar.  They’re best eaten within 1-2 hours after frying and if you don’t have a sifter you can put the sugar in a bag and toss the beignets in there and shake the bag to coat them with the sugar.


VOILA!!!!Princess Tiana’s Beignet’s


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