Friday, January 22, 2010

Unique Super Bowl Themed Cupcakes

Like any modern gal, I like to watch football players, ahem, games with my husband and can say for the most part, I get it. I enjoy the thrill of the game, the action, the hard hitting....bodies....oh....I really do. However, there is nothing more exciting to me than the end of the season. The wrap up. The Big Show. THEE GAME!  You see, any opportunity that I have to put my insanity & creativity to work is an opportunity that must happen. So, with the Super Bowl just a little close to two weeks away, I went-a-Googlin' to find some ideas for cupcakes, because....I do cupcakes, right?

What I found in my initial search, surpised me in that there didn't seem to be much liberty taken in the way of making unique Super Bowl themed cupcakes.  I kept finding the tried and true Football in Grass cupcake.  You know.....this one:

I mean, don't get me wrong, they're cute and an easy way to doll up a teeny cake.  But, it's just been done SO MUCH!  It's almost the go to decoration for football season cupcakes - a staple, in fact.  That's fine, but where was the TWIST?  The SPIN?  The TAKE ON... .  Still, I remained optimistic and knew that there must be other creative geniuses who have decorated with originality, some delicious teeny cakes for The Big Show.

I searched low and high and eventually found a nice handful of ideas.  I finally decided on a Top Ten that do Super Bowl Themed Cupcakes justice - I even found, what I like to call, a man-cupcake recipe that I'll definitely be making over the weekend.

Top Ten Super Bowl Cupcakes!

I think this little guy is just adorable (he's actually a cake, but they have a similar design on the Wilton website for a cupcake)!  If you have the patience for it I say do it!  They're eye catching and for some crazy and almost sick reason, people enjoy eating cupcakes that look like people.....I think.


For a real guy's guy Superbowl cupcake,  here are two that are designed to look like party food!

Hello Cupcake's Pizza Cupcake Cake

Smiley's Sweets and Creations Hamburger Sliders Cupcakes

Here are some good old fashioned, team logo cupcakes.  Yes, we know, these have been done before too, but it's about piping technique in this case.  (For the record, I'm not hinting that the Saints will make it to the Super Bowl, I'm just saying, Reggie Bush is a cutie and that's all I know  )



Yeah, I know what I said, and even though I think the whole football in the grass concept is soooo OVAH, here are some ideas that I think are allowable because they have personality, like this one by Wilton


...or the next two which to me are more simplistic.


I love how these cupcakes by Cupcake Chic have lil' chocolate Peanut M&M's and the piped on detail for the football is nice and simple.


Here is another option from Sweet Avenue Bakeshop; use team colors and decorate with cupcake picks and flags.


This last idea is my top choice....has nothing to do with appearance .  These Chocolate Guiness Cupcakes aren't even necessarily football related, but the fact that they have Guiness in them intrigued me enough to want to make a dozen this weekend (look for the final result in my next post).  Topping this cupcake with a festive cupcake pick or one of those cute lil' Peanut M&M footballs would really finish it off for a Super Bowl party. Here's the recipe if you want to make them!


I have a bonus one -but I couldn't get the picture saved to my computer.  Here is the direct link to the Cupcake Queen's football cupcakes on her Flickr page.  Love those little miniature football players!!!

While we're speaking of cupcakes, I came across this Reynold's Baking Cups website yesterday where you can virtually create a cupcake and then get the recipe for it.  Also they have some adorably cute decorative baking cups; my favorite is this pink and red Damask patterned one that I plan to order for party next month!

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