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Red Carpet Style: Golden Globes Party Ideas

It dawned on me the other day that the Golden Globe Awards will be showing this Sunday. I'm an Awards Show Junkie, I get all into it!  My husband doesn't get it, but who asked him anyway?!!! I have my bowl of popcorn and make a nice mommy cocktail and I watch the red carpet shows, read all about the nominees ahead of time - all the while changing poopie diapers, putting together honey-do lists, baking cupcakes and BLOGGING :)

I always wanted to have one of those fun parties where (head in thought cloud) me and the gals gather 'round the cawfee (sic) table and drink cocktails and eat hors deouvres and predict who will win awards.....then I had kids and realized (thought cloud vanishes) that the chances of that happening right now is slim to none. However, a girl can still dream....and still pass her dreams on to those who might have more time to indulge in such a fête!

Here are my suggestions on creating a VIP worthy party!

The VIP List:
Normally, I would say get some nice stationery and have an elegant invite, a la awards ceremony, printed up but since it's only 2 days away.....

  • Evite, text, email, Facebook or Twitter - you could even (gasp) call your best gals up and have them come over. 
  • Celebrate celebutante style and and have tiaras, 'diamond' necklaces, oversized sunglasses and boas waiting for them as they walk in the door - classic Hollywood diva style like her majesty.....
 EVERYONE BOW DOWN! (I heart you Auds!)

Appetizers are the best way to go. Plate 3-5 simple but elegant platters for guests to snack on while viewing the show.
  • Go bold and gold with your veggies and serve spears of yellow carrots, squash, bell peppers and wax beans in high ball glasses - Crudite Cups! Serve saffron flavored hummus on the side for a tasty dip.
  • Who Doesn't Love Bacon? wrapped Zucchinni Spears (that's what you'll call them - not a real question) and Honey Ginger Chicken Kabobs.
  • For a spin on the basic deli platter try this antipasta platter created by Ina Garten (

Somebody say YUMMMMM.....

CUPCAKES of COURSE!  I think red velvet would be appropriate, why?.......WHY NOT?!!!!

You will most definitely need a signature cocktail for your party and keeping with the gold theme try  Limoncello Bellinis (Recipe follows).

Limoncello Champagne Golden Bellini
Pour 2 ounces peach nectar and 2 ounces champagne into a champagne flute.
Add a splash of Caravella Limoncello.

Now I'm no bartender but I'd just pour a bottle of each in a large beverage server and let the gals go at it!

Golden Globe Winners Game:

*You'll need random prizes (tip: dollar store finds work best) for guests to pull out of a large grab bag or basket, which you'll need as well.
  • Make sure everyone arrives at least 1 hour before the show starts.
  • Each guest gets a ballot and checks off their favorite or who they predict will win for each category before the start of the show.
  • For every category a guest wins they get to pull a prize from the grab bag. This game works great because even if you don't know the particular movie, show or actor you still have a chance to win a prize!
  • Another option for prizes is to, pass out raffle tickets for every 'winner' at the end of the show whoever has the most wins gets a grand prize.
  • For tie breakers throw in some movie trivia (which would be loads of fun at this point - Bellini's considered).


  • Shimmering Shades of Gold and lots of Glitter baby!
  • Use gold organza as a table linen overlay.
  • Decorate your buffet with strands of 'diamonds', pearls and gold garlands (which you can probably find next to nothing at after christmas sections of most discount stores).
  • Use film strip like you would streamers.
  • Place tall slim vases filled with plummed white and black feathers around to make for a great contrast to all the gold. 
  • Framed pictures of the nominated actors and actresses would work too. You can get inexpensive frames at the craft or dollar store or create your own with cardboard, paint and glitter.
  • Hang gold stars in various shapes and sizes from the ceiling as a backdrop to your food table or to dangle from a chandelier.
Parting Gifts:
I always think a gift is a nice way to thank guests for attending your party. Why not put together a gift bag like the ones given away at the Gift Suites for big Hollywood Award Shows and Premieres? Find inexpensive tote bags at the dollar store and fill them with some of your favorite items, lotions, soaps, comfy socks, t-shirts a book or magazine. You could even fish through the dollar section and trial size bins at Target and find some really nice items.

Whatever you decide to do to create a red carpet celebration, do it in style and have a blast!

Photo Credits:
Golden Globe Award
Ms. Hepburn
Limoncello Champagne Bellinis
Gift Bag

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