Friday, September 11, 2009

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (and so are CUPCAKES)!

A good friend of mine recently asked me to participate in an event she's having for her jewelry conceirge business (check out her blog if you are in love with DIAMONDS!) by making some of my deliciously sweet confections.  She told me the color scheme will be robin's egg blue and purple - which I think could be just beautiful together.  Well, I got a fantastic idea to do a small dessert buffet and wanted to share the inspiration board with you:

She's got some favorites that she'd like me to make and I cannot wait to get to work on all of the delicious ideas we came up with. 
I also told you about the Race Car party that I am designing partyware for.  As kid's parties sometimes go, the theme has been changed.  We're now going to do a Choo-Choo Train party.  What's even more fantastic about this idea is that the party is set to be held at a local park that has an actual working miniature train for kids to ride on.  I have some great ideas that I'm working on for that and will share with you in the next few posts! So, be sure to check back soon - and often!

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