Saturday, August 1, 2009

Inspiration, Where the Wild Thing Went & Birthday Giveaway!

As promised, here is the inspiration board for my 'Wild Things' party (above). I'll add the refereces for the photos at the end of the post. I decided to take one of the ideas from my inspiration board and make a cute paper boat for Max's boat. In the photo for the inspiration board, the boat was used as a gift topper instead of a bow (note to self: when you're out of bows....). I also saw a similar paper boat idea on Martha's site (I hope I do NOT need to explain who Martha is), but in this case it was used as part of a place setting. I think that's the idea I'll go with for the tablescape for the party. It's actually a simple craft and took less than 20 minutes. The Mini Diva played with it for a while, but consequentially, it was destroyed by 10 tiny toddler fingers.

Here's the boat before it was demolished:

I thought, along with showing you my inspiration board, I'd also show you my idea board for this party collection. Idea boards just give me a general idea of some of the custom paper items I want to make for my parties. They don't always come out exactly as they are conceived, but I do try to stay on target as much as possible.

My Where the Wild Things Are Party Collection Idea Board:

Funny thing happened to me the other day. I was trying to decide my color scheme for the party collection, so, I went to go grab my 'WTWTA' book off the shelf in my daughter's room and it was MIA! I looked high and low, up and under, left and right, and I just couldn't find the book. Just when I thought I'd mistakenly sold it at last year's yard sale, I realized that it was probably in the basement packed away in a box of books that I kept when I was clearing the house out for the aforementioned sale. Luckily enough, that's exactly where it was. I'm happy to say that even though the cover is faded, the illustrations inside the book still look fabulous.

I even finally decided on the right colors to use for the party. The inside covers for the book have these beautifully muted hues of primary colors. I think that the color scheme will be perfect for any party during the fall season.

So, Monday is my birthday and I'll still be perpetually 25, thank you very much! As a fun way to celebrate it, I'm doing a giveaway! You'll have to check back on Monday for more details, but to clue you in, this giveaway is fit for a princess who loves to leap, spin and twirl!

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