Friday, July 17, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

This is going to be a very quick and short post. For all you Maurice Sendak fans, my big top secret theme for my next party collection is (drum-roll please).... TAH-DAAAAAH!!!! 'Where the Wild Things Are'! It's my favorite book of all time, and I'm so excited to start creating this collection.

For the past three days I've been working on the invitation and I am amazed at how I even did it and even more amazed that it actually looks good - in my opinion). I'll go into some of the details about it in my next post, but here's the draft of the invitation for starters (you can click the photo for a close up):

I'm no Maurice Sendak, but what do you think?

This weekend, I plan to decorate some cupcakes using the Max and Moishe characters and that should be lots of fun for my daughter. Hopefully, I can fit in a banner, party hats and Max's 'King of all Wild Things' crown. To my amazement there are very few 'Wild Things' parties online. Even still, I was able to put together an inspiration board that I will share with you on my next post, as well.

You just don't know how excited I am to be working on this project. The movie is due to be released on October 16th and it is right on time for Halloween! I am thinking this will be a perfect theme for my daughter's annual Halloween party! Can't wait!

Oh - and in case you're as big a fan as I am, check out the trailer for the movie!

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