Tutorials - How to Make a Wine Bottle Gift Bag

There are times in one's life where they will need to make a wine bottle gift's a fact.  If you ever happen to find yourself in a sitch where you just don't have the perfect gift bag for a bottle of wine ....I got you, Boo!

I used this idea to make a bag for a wine and cheese gift idea I shared recently after taking a trip to World Market.  I love, love, love their selection of gift wrap.  They do carry wine bottle gift bags, but I really loved this handpainted paper and wanted to use it as part of my gift idea.

Here is what you will need to make your own pretty little bag:

A sheet of sturdy gift wrap 30"x21" (I used gift wrap from World Market)
Double sided tape or glue
Hole Punch
Gift Tag

Measure out your sheet and score using the measurements shown below - be sure to work from the blank side of the paper.

Once your paper is measured, scored and folded then snip off the 2" bottom on tab A.  Then cut a 2" slit between tab B and C, D and E and E and F.  Fold up the corners of tabs B and E towards the center to create a point.

Seal Tab A to Tab G with 2-sided tape and fold up and seal the bottom tabs to make the bag.

I had a little bit of paper that overlapped.  If this happens for you, just snip off the excess - no biggie!

Add hole punches to top 1" flap and thread ribbon through holes to make a handle.  Place a piece of sturdy board inside the bag to reinforce the bottom and place your wine in the bag.

So, it's just that simple!  My takeaway tips on making this bag is to be sure you're using a good quality paper that is strong and doesn't tear easily.  Also be sure to use a strong adhesive to seal up your tabs. 

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