Do you have a fabulous party, adorabley cute baby shower or chic girlfriend gathering that you want featured on Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams?  If so, follow the steps below to share your party!

Great Photos
Just send along a minimum of 8-10 high-quality photos with good lighting, that are well focused and showcase details of the party. 

Be Descriptive
Please be sure to include a description of the party like the reason for the party, who you are celebrating, and any other important details, like where you found your inspiration!

Helping Hands
Be sure to include a list of vendors or helpers you used and give them a shout out if they have a blog or site of their own.

Please let us know if your party is featured on your own personal blog and/or another party inspiration site.  Once your party is featured you will receive a link to the post and button to put on your site showing that you were featured on this blog.

All submissions* should be sent to   

*Submissions do not guarantee that your party will be featured.

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