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Awesome Retro Robot Party Ideas

Create a simple and affordable robot party with ideas from Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

There was a time, a few years ago, that I had this wonderful idea to throw my son a Robot party.  At the time, he was watching the movie Wall-E constantly and I noticed he started gathering random things from around the house to create robots.  He would use old plastic bottles, cans,  pipe cleaner and screws from Dad's toolbox  and tinker around to make these little toys.  This, of course sparked the party side of my brain.  His little creations reminded me of those retro robots with the wind-up key.  So, I went searching online and found the perfect one on Etsy for him to have and add to his robot collection. From there, the idea of a Robot printable party was stuck in my head.

I immediately started creating the printables around this wind up toy, so they had a retro feel to them. I added gadgets and gears, and created a robot to look like the little toy I found.  Our robot man had this very retro blue color over the main part of it's body, and red accents I used those colors throughout the printable set.  It did not take me long to create the printables, but by the time I was done, my son was no longer in love with Wall-E or making robots.  There was a new hero in town....and his name was Spiderman.  I figured, maybe the next year, we could do a robot party.  Who was I kidding....?

Don't think that my son's new found hero du jour meant I didn't do anything with those printables.  They went right into my Etsy shop, where they've been living since 2012.  Years passed and I felt at some point I would need to showcase these printables with a real-ish party set up.  So, here ya go!

Using my Retro Robot Party Printable Kit, I set up a sweets table with ideas that I hope inspire you!

How to throw a Robot Party, Robot Dessert Table, Parties for Boys

The invitation sets the tone for any party!  Think outside the envelope, and send your invite in a tin box and add a few nuts and bolts for fun! (There's our little robot wind up toy in the corner of the photo).

Robot Invite, Printable Invitation, Boys Party Invitations

A friendly sign is always a quick way to welcome guests to your party.  It's particularly useful when you're running around tending to other guests and can't greet them promptly at the door.  You can also, add a whimsical robot for fun.  I made this one with a glittered box, a few nuts and bolts, ric rac and an empty soup can.

Build your own robot, ideas for a robot party, robot party decor

I'm a huge fan of party hats!  I would normally add a yarn pompom topper to the top of the hat, but I felt that just a rosette embellishment was just enough here.  I think they mimic the look of a gear and play off the theme nicely!

birthday hats, robot party, nuts and bolts, party favors

All inventors need to map out plans for their inventions!  To display my cake pops, I used small chalkboards that I drew  physics diagrams onto.  Notice each cake pop was placed into a foil mini cupcake liner and embellished with a small silver glittered ribbon.  I  added lots of tin materials, to this tablescape since robots are usually made from some type of metal!  You'll notice that the cupcakes are presented on an inverted tin cupcake pan!

fun food for a robot party, robot cupcakes, cake pops

party ideas for boys, fun robot party ideas, awesome robot party ideas

Candy and treats like licorice, Nibs and Donuts are great for this theme.  You can give them fun and relatable names; here I'm using them as live wires, nuts and bolts and wheels!

party table, robot ideas, build your own robot

nuts and bolts, cake pops, robot inventions

donut wheels, spare parts, nuts and bolts

For drinks, serve Blue Hawaiian Punch or 'anti-freeze' in glass bottles embellished with bottle wraps and outfitted with a red striped paper straw and coordinating drink flag.

Hawaiian Punch, cake pops, printables, robot printables

easy party decor, print your own robot party, gadgets and gears straw flags

I know that cupcakes can get pretty fancy, but sometimes, the fancy cupcakes aren't very purse friendly.  You really can find very delicious cupcakes at your local grocery bakery.  These came with sprinkles on them, but I wanted them to match my table decor, so, I just topped each cupcake with red rock candy crystals and a printable topper.

cupcake toppers, boy  robot party, little inventor birthday, printable cupcake topper

cupcake, cupcake topper, cupcake recipes, robot party recipes

No party should end without a cute party favor.  I like to mix my favor containers up a bit because I usually have some store-bought take out containers in my party stash.  That's where printable tags come in handy.  Sometimes, you can't find the perfect container or want a more custom look.  So, the printable set has a small gable box that can be used to hold a bit of candy or small toys!

treats for a robot party, robot party supplies, robot decor

printables, Etsy, Robot party printables, party favors, Robot treats

Simply recycling items from my personal party stash, raiding my husband's toolbox, making my own party decor and keeping the treats to a minimum, this whole sweets table cost me less than $50.  You can click on a few links throughout this post to purchase some of the items I used for this party.  If you do make a purchase, I may receive a small commission, which helps me maintain this blog and bring you more awesome content!  Thank you in advance.  The Retro Robot printable party set is currently available in my Etsy shop!

I hope these ideas inspired you to throw your Tech-loving little inventor or Transformer fan boy/girl an easy Robot Party with just a few little details that are very simple and affordable.  

Robot Party Printables, Robot Party, Boys Party Ideas, Robot Treats, Robot Party Supplies

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