Thursday, September 3, 2015

Altered Notebook with Foldover Elastic Bookmark

I'm cranking out Back-to-School projects like HOT CAKES, people!  Don't hate the crafter, hate the crafting game.  So, every year, I buy those black and white composition books and EVERY year my daughter says, 'They aren't pink!  EW.' Now, I know you can buy them in all fancy covers these days, but usually they cost a bit more and quite frankly, this mom likes to put scissors and glue to paper and get creative!  So, here's my handy crafty share of the day!  An altered notebook and for kicks, a foldover elastic bookmark/pageholder (yes, I'm aware these are all over Pinterest - but I don't care.....Pinterest will not still my joy).

To make your own notebook you're gonna need a few things:

Composition Books
Scrapbook Paper
Glue Sticks or Mod Podge
Washi Tape
Foldover Elastic
Printable Book Plates (Download for FREE here)

To start, line up your paper to the taped edge of the book.  I secured the paper in place with a piece of removable tape because.....

....when you flip it over, you don't want the paper to shift.  Trace around the book; this piece will eventually be adhered to the front and back cover of your book.

Cut out the 'template'.

Rub lots of glue all over the front cover (I used a glue stick, but you can also use Mod Podge).

Add the paper to the cover making sure all the corners are aligned.

Using a bone folder, the edge of a ruler or your hands, smooth down the paper to make sure it's free of air bubbles and wrinkles.

Add a strip of Washi tape to the black taped edge around the outer binding.  You may have to use more than one piece.  You can also buy wider washi and cut it to size.  Repeat the above steps to finish your back cover.

Using the free bookplate label from my Essential Back to School printables, add a label to the front cover of your notebook.

I've had a few yards of foldover elastic that I had no idea what to do with and then decided they'd make perfect bookmarks and page holders.  To make these, you wrap the elastic around the entire length of the book leaving about 2" at the top.

Cut off any excess.

Tie a knot on the ends....

....and you have a simple and easy bookmark.  You can also wrap this around your notebook to hold all your pages together like a journal!

I added a few yarn tassels to mine because they're super cute and The Mini Diva loves them.

This is such a fun and easy project, super easy for kids to do, as well.  Don't forget to download all the freebies from my Essential Back-to-School printables!  Please be sure to tag me at @cwbdparties if you share this idea on social media - I'd love to see what you create!!!

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