Friday, March 13, 2015

Send-a-Smile Card for March - Hello Sunshine!

It is "Send A Smile" time once again and this month we have created a fun blog hop for you. Along with a few of the "SAS" team members listed below, we will be sharing a FREE printable card for you to download and use to send to your family and friends. Make sure to make your way through the list of links.  If by chance someone's link is broken or isn't showing the correct post, feel free to hop back here and head to the next contributor's link so you don't get lost or miss out on anyone else. 

Last month I teamed up with The Land of Squatles and a group of other small businesses for the Send-a-Smile project.  The Send-a-Smile project was created by The Land of Squatles owner, Pamela Smerker as a way to deliver a little joy and happiness to anyone who might just need a friendly hello....the old fashioned way (via snail mail).

Each month we will have a FREE printable card available on our sites. Below are the links to each post for your convenience.

You can download your FREE printable card for March designed by me here:

Blog Hop Link List:

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