Monday, November 24, 2014

{Holiday Madness} Finding A Little Time for Me

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media®, PEOPLE® Magazine, and The Hershey Company®, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #HolidayMeTimeMags

You know how crazy the holidays can be with all the hustle and bustle of everyone going to the stores and looking for great bargains, sweet deals.....and sometimes with their (loud)kids....????  Yes....I'm that mom.  By the time you're home you are completely spent.  It's not often we moms get some downtime for ourselves.  Well, this weekend, I'm glad to say.....I did!  If only for 30 minutes or so.

Our initial decision for Thanksgiving was that it would be just us four enjoying a small 'quiet' (wishful thinking) holiday with no fuss.  However, that all changed when Thing 1 convinced her dad that this holiday means family and everyone should come over.  FUN TIMES.  So, I scrapped my plans to craft all weekend and instead I headed out to the local Safeway grocery store to scoop up all the food I would need for our (last minute) Thanksgiving in tow.

I tell you, going to the stores with my kids isn't always fun, they always want something, I inevitably have a floater wandering the store as soon as I turn my back and I almost always for get the ONE thing I went into the store for in the first place.  After doing all that shopping, and explaining 50 times why Thing 2 could not buy a $14 500 piece Lego set, a girl has to have a little down time.  One of my favorite ways to relax is with a good magazine and CHOCOLATE.....oh how I loooove chocolate.  JUST SO HAPPENS that the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive issue was on the stand.  I could I pass up that, right?  Hunky fellas and my FAAAAAVORITE Hershey's Chocolate bar....can't go wrong. Helloooooo Mr.  Hemsworth!

So, when I got home, I got the kids all settled down (tablets are my fave new thing), groceries put away, I sat down in my big comfy chair, kicked back and opened up my magazine and chocolate bar.  What a fine way to relax! 

We moms have to remember it's important for us to have a little time to ourselves, right?  If you haven't done something nice for yourself in a while, I encourage you to grab a People magazine.....don't feel like I'm twisting your arm to get this particular issue.......

I'm really not.........really.......I'm not.......

How do you find time to relax during the crazy holiday shopping season?   Take a break, kick up your feet and enjoy reading a People magazine and grab yourself a Hershey's Bar while you're at's a $1 off coupon (while supplies last) towards the purchase of a People magazine and King Size Hershey Bar - that's good living right there, I tell ya! (You will have to register for Just4U to get your coupon).

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