Monday, October 27, 2014

{Guest Post} Halloween in a Box with Paper + Pop

It’s Andrea from Paper + Pop sharing an inexpensive way to celebrate Halloween across the miles – Halloween Fun in a Box.

I started doing this a few years ago when my kids were away at college, but it’s also a ‘sweet’ and inexpensive idea to spread a little Halloween fun with family and friends across the country.  You can go as big or small as you wish.  Sunny of Sunny by Design created the adorable gift tag and you can download it free from the link below.

Let’s get started!

Small/Medium Sturdy gift box (ULINE)
Halloween Candy (3 to 4 varieties) (Party City, Target)
Individual Food-Safe Candy Boxes (Pick Your Plum, Etsy)
Ribbon (lots!) (Michael’s Stores)
Halloween Tumbler (Dollar Tree)
Treat Bags (The TomKat Studio)
Holiday Straws, Halloween pencils, paper shred, glow sticks, tissues (Michael’s Stores)
Decorative Tissue

In the weeks before the holiday, I scour Target’s “Dollar Aisle,” Michael’s and our local “dollar” stores searching for the perfect yet inexpensive items to include.  I prefer using items that match my color scheme, but any combination is great.   I’m a “candy girl” at heart, but you can also find items other than sweets if you prefer.  You can even theme your box (i.e., Art, Baking, Crafts, etc.), especially when you know your recipient’s favorite hobby.  One year, I put together a ‘Baking Box’ for my daughter, filled with all kinds of cupcake liners, sprinkles, Halloween dish towels, orange “Dollar Store” measuring cups, some baking mitts and cookie cutters.  It was her favorite one and she reuses the items every year.

Fill your box with tissue and colorful paper shred.  Remove the candy from its original packaging and arrange in individual boxes (clear or solid) and decorate with ribbon and tags as you would a gift box.  It’s also fun when you’re sending to a family and you know each recipient’s favor sweets to individually tag.

Once the box is assembled, I secure with brown shipping paper, create a label and ship.  It’s such a great and inexpensive way to spread a little Halloween cheer across the miles.

Thank you, Keisha for having me and enjoy making memories this Halloween!

Download the printable tags here

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