Friday, October 17, 2014

{13 Days of Handmade Halloween} Upcycled Spider Cupcake Stand

Today's post is being shared by Keri Patterson from the You Tube vlog, Veri Keri!  Keri's got a really sharp eye for design, entertaining and doing it all on a very purse friendly budget!  Her motto is, "
create, decorate, celebrate and allocate".  Check out how she re-purposed this brass chandelier into a tabletop 'spider' cupcake stand!

Brass 8 arm or 12 arm Chandelier
Wire Cutters
Black Spray Paint
Drill and 7/16 Drill Bit that cuts through Metal

Step1: Clean all debris from the chandelier with warm soapy water. Dry completely

Step 2: Remove the top hanging portion and unscrew and remove the 2nd layer of plates and plastic light covers that are attached to the arms of the chandelier.

Step 3: Drill a hole on the edge of each of the plates .

Step 4: Prime and spray paint the chandelier, plates, and plastic covers.

Step 5: Turn the chandelier upside down and add the plastic light sleeves to the bottom row, affix the plates to the upper level arms.

Step 6: Place cupcakes on the arms that have the plates.

Check out Keri's vlog Veri Keri to see how she takes on different home decor and tablescape challenges and visit her on Facebook to keep up with her fabulous and chic tabletop design style!

Don't forget to add your own handmade Halloween creation to the linky party below!

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