Wednesday, February 5, 2014

{Recap} Superbowl - Team Colors Party Table

Before it's way past it's 'prime', I really wanted to quickly share with you the photos from a little impromptu Super Bowl 'party' I set up for my little family.  It wasn't much, but since neither of the teams we cheer for in my home (Patriots & Eagles) were playing, I chose to do a Team Colors theme for the set up.  Here's a quick run down of how I got everything together in a 'snap'!

I found some scrapbook paper in my stash and created a pennant banner to swag across my backdrop.  I made a few printable party dots with general catch favorite is the 'Omaha!' dot - the call played by Manning...tee-hee.  Our grocery store had cupcakes topped with orange, blue and green I picked those up for our desserts.  I made naked hot wings (spicy, no sauce) and  hoagies.  We also got potato salad from the deli and I put them in orange striped nut cups that were sent to me by Jenny Raulli over at Bloom Designs.  I served Orange Hawaiin punch in old Starbucks Frappucino bottles that I keep on hand for my party stylings.  The bottles were wrapped with the scrapbook paper, ribbon and topped with a party dot.  My FAVORITE part of this table were the 'Flag on the Field' Popcorn  packs I made just using yellow napkins, twine and a tag.  I placed them in mini tote buckets that matched the color scheme.  It wasn't much, but this party came together very well and in a little bit of time - and boy did my kids enjoy the Super Bowl!

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