Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{13 Days of Handmade Halloween} A Spooky Tablescape

Today's creative post is from Sandra Garth, of Sweetest Sensations an entertaining and lifestyle blog where Sandra shares her love of event planning, dessert tables and tables capes. Here Sandra shares a haunting story of Barnard and Melinda and the way she created a spooky tablescape inspired by her tale.

This is the story of Barnard and Melinda. Wealthy entrepreneurs who made their fortune selling Melinda’s potent and illegal brew. Their intoxicating brew was transported by sailboats, run by a crew of 12 highly capable sailors.

One dark stormy night their fleet was attacked by a band of ne’er do well marauders. The leader was a man named Simon. In his waistband he kept a small bottle of what he thought was Melinda’s brew which a friend had given to him. Before climbing aboard Barnard and Melinda’s vessel he drank it all in one swig. Unbeknownst to him it was poison. Dear Simon met his demise not by the storm but by the hand of a deceptive friend. May he RIP.

Simon’s right hand man, Raven was thrown over board by one of the owners crew members and eventually washed ashore. The other four bandits were entombed in a nearby cavern. Barnard and Melinda lost all 12 of their heroic crew members to the storm. They went to their eternal rest together. Legend has it that their spirits can still be seen wandering the sea shore in search of their lost cargo.

The skeleton of dear Simon hangs from a cup and saucer display rack. Raven’s glittered skull rests on a candle plate that sits on a chip and dip stand that was spray painted black. A dome from an apothecary jar is the cover. Simon’s skeleton crew (ha) is resting inside a small terrarium bowl fitted over a styrofoam cake base also spray painted black. My stash of bottles came in handy to hold various potions and brews. I can’t think of a better use of a small round vase sitting on a silver pillar candle holder than to house a dozen skulls, don’t you agree? For Halloween and many other holidays the dollar store is a goldmine. You’ll find tons of items to decorate with that won’t leave you broke.

Happy Halloween!

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