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{Real Parties} Breakfast at Tiffany's Mother's Day Brunch

I am LOVING this Mother's Day Brunch styled by my friend Keri Patterson.  I've featured a few of Keri's parties in the past and she always does an amazing job.  This past Mother's Day, Keri hosted a beautifully styled intimate gathering that included her mom, aunt, sister and Keri's daughters.

Vintage Breakfast at Tiffany's Mother's Day Brunch on

There are so many elements to this party that I absolutely fell in love with.  Here are some fab style & design points to lookout for as your read through the post:

- Fancy 'Pearl Strands' Bubblegum Necklace
- Mini dress form place cards
- Robin's egg blue & peach color scheme
- Upcycled Vintage Tiffany-look tableware
- Framed Audrey Hepburn Quotes
- Elegant 'Crystal' & Mirrored Risers
- Whimsical Tiffany Lamps made using donut holes

Here's what Keri says about pulling this party together:

I got the inspiration by finding the Tiffany blue wrapping paper at my favorite place…Dollar Tree.  From there I knew that I did not want to do the standard Tiffany Blue, Black and White color palette, I also knew that I definitely did not want that overused photo of Audrey Hepburn.  Although I did want to somehow to subtly incorporate Audrey Hepburn.  I accomplished that by doing a Google search of Audrey Hepburn quotes, and placed them in beautiful frames.    

I decided that I would do a vintage Tiffany & Co. theme.  I knew I wanted to focus on silverware, crystal, and china because Tiffany & Co. was equally known for these products as well as jewelry.  I also knew that I wanted the feeling of the party to be elegant, sophisticated and classy.  I began to scour my craft room, and I happened to find 15 yards of peach crushed velvet fabric (I also have my very own Joann's Fabrics in my craft room, even though I cannot sew…lol).  My color palette was born.  

As I began to research vintage Tiffany, I happened to luck up and find a vintage Tiffany receipt rubber stamp…..BINGO.  Then I saw the vintage Tiffany Blue Book catalog, and low and behold in the clearance bin at Target they had these packages of Tiffany Blue notebooks that resembled the vintage catalog…SCORE.  Those books became the party favors, but instead of putting the Tiffany logo on them, I incorporated an Audrey Hepburn quote, and a white ribbon.  


I then purchased several white mugs from the Dollar store and printed the Tiffany logo on a clear label and added two small rhinestones to make custom tea cups.  Honestly, most all of the décor came from the Dollar Tree or the dollar bin of my staple stores, and everything else I already had in my home that I pulled from other rooms.  

The table with the place setting was upcycled from my bathroom mirror.  I am in the process of redecorating my bathroom, and wanted to get rid of my standard contractor grade mirror.  After I took it down without breaking it I thought it would make a wonderful table top for my party….the only problem was that my kitchen table was round.  I needed to find something else in my home that was square and at least 42” so that I could put that on top of the round table and then the tablecloth and then the mirror on top.  The picture frame that hangs in my parlor room was the perfect size…Yeah!!  Then I grabbed some Dollar Tree utensils that I already had and decided to paint the handles Tiffany blue (Martha Stewart acrylic paints), and embellished it with some pearl adhesives.  I used the settee (the gray love seat) from my craft room/woman cave, and three of my dining room chairs to complete the look.  The place mats were made from remnants of fabric and foam poster board from……you guessed it…Dollar Tree.  

"Downstairs where the food was served I definitely wanted to make each one of the niches look as if you were looking into the windows of a Tiffany boutique.  I made the mirrored risers by re-purposing the ones I had for Reagan’s owl party. I bought several of those crystal candle sticks from the dollar store and glued them together to the appropriate height.  I then bought some 8x10 mirrored frames from Dollar Tree, ripped the frame off and hot glued to the top of the wood.  The little mosaic glass 1” tiles came from Hobby Lobby for $1.25, I glued those around the border.  I was pleased with how those turned out.  I also picked up several beveled mirrored tiles that are supposed to be for candle holders from Dollar Tree, and used those as my spoon rests.  I also purchased 6 green foam wreaths from Dollar Tree and they provided the base for my donut lamps.  I owe a big shout out to Dollar Tree for making this event possible."

Bubblegum pearl necklace on

Thanks Keri for sharing another FAAAABULOUS event with us!  This party really showcases how to take a party theme that's been done over and over and turn it up a notch.  You do a bang up job each time!



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