Friday, February 1, 2013

{Friday Fun} Fabuary Style Dare with Fox In Flats

So, I made a new year's INTENTION that I was gonna try and up the ante on my outward appearance this year, which has been slightly lacking since the birth of my first born back in 2005.....please don't do the math :|  I mean seriously, I have a busy life, but when my husband begged me....and he really begged....for me to make an effort to fix myself up a little bit, I kinda felt bad.  I mean, he looked so pathetic asking me....not pathetic in the sense that I felt sorry for him, but pathetic like.....'Baby, really, do look a HOT mess!'  Well, since I am the first one to say that your true friends will tell you when you look a hot mess, then I really must have, he is my best friend before all.

So, back in December I ordered a bunch of makeup from my Mary Kay consultant.....who happens to be my grandmother :) and she must have had the same sentiment as my husband because  I feel like she sent that box of face paint to me overnight (I must REALLY be a hot ass mess!).  When I opened that box a beam of light shot out of it and I heard angels sing!  It was like a miracle waiting to happen!  In any case, I've been working on an easy makeup regiment and have been sticking to it for the most part.  Yay!

However, I still think I could use more fixin' in the style department.  I have gotten used to being in very comfy clothes that I'm paying less than $20 for.  My closet contains pieces that must have a dual purpose in case I get puked on, spill coffee (or wine) on myself  or Thing 2 needs to wipe his happens.....a lot.  So, I just stopped buying really cute stuff and wear the basics, slacks, shirt, cardigan....sweats....boring shoes (ugh, the shoes).  I would show you recent hot mess pictures of myself to prove how bad its been, but in the back of my mind, I know I look a hot mess and only take pictures of me when I'm 'dressed up.'

Case in point.......
Well, it was almost kismet when I came across this fantastic post over at Fox In Flats a few days ago.  So, I've decided to play along and participate in the Fabuary style dare.  Every day in February, there is a different item I'll wear and take a picture that will go up on my Instagram (which I invite you to follow, then, you can get a little sneak peek into my everyday life and view the silly musings of Things 1 & 2).  You can also find a button over there somewhere  --------> with a link to the challenge.  I will also post a collage of my daily challenges every Friday so you're not bombarded with my vanity :)

Maybe you're a mom or not and think it's time to up your style game a bit or just want to do something fun.  Feel free to join in, I am certain Miss Andrea would love to have you join in the fun....I sure am!

(Today's style item was shades.  I found mine on clearance at Payless during BOGO.  They're turquoise & black leopard print - Jackie O style!)

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