Saturday, February 4, 2012

{Party Printables} Superbowl XLVI Freebie

There's a lot of activity going on in my house right now, we've got cleaning and prepping going on because we are getting ready for The Big Game (and a ladies night spa party, tonight....more about that next week). But I had a few minutes this morning to work on some FREE Superbowl printables that I wanted to share with you. Since the best team ever is in the Superbowl AGAIN I am very excited about getting this party underway!

I basically used the same design as last year's party and changed the colors and pattern for this year's teams.   The printable set comes with pennant flags, cupcake toppers, food/straw flags, tented food cards, table signs, square centerpiece signs, cupcake wrappers, water bottle wraps, fry/snack boxes

I hope you enjoy the printables and if you don't already know, The New England Patriots will win :) How are you getting ready for the Superbowl???? Who are you cheering for???? Are you just as excited to see Madonna get her groove on at half time as I am???? YAY!!!


  1. I've changed my mind a cazillion times about what goodies to have tomorrow. The one thing I'm sure of is that it won't be lowcal. Your printables are awesome and I hope your team wins. And yes I'm excited to see the material girl do her thing!

  2. @Sandra - definitely not low cal....we're doing all the traditional game day eats! SO EXCITED!!!!!


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