Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{Holiday Recap} July 4th Holiday & Bloggerversary Announcement

What a faaaabulous time I had this year with my family! 

Every year, my mama hosts a huge gathering at her home for our big family.  It’s both sides from my grandmother’s half of the family and that’s a whole lotta kin folk.  Everyone brings a huge aluminum pan of something or other and it’s a good time to be had by all.

This year I was appointed the task of decorating the party space, so I designed these printables and set up a sweets table, as well.

July 4th Recap Printables
July 4th Recap decoration 
July 4th Recap Candy Buffet

Just to share some of the fun – here are some personal photos of us during our visit.  Despite wet conditions, we got to enjoy the town parade, a visit to the beach with granny and fireworks!

July 4th Recap Holiday Pictures
After all that fun and traveling back to the Nation’s Capital, I’m POOPED!!!!  Hope you all enjoyed your holiday as much as I did.  Now, onto other blog business….

My bloggerversary is here!!! Actually it was on Saturday – that is when I wrote me first post almost two years ago!  Well, because I’m just back from our holiday trip and I am super spent so, I will celebrate my bloggerversary next week with lots of giveaways and prizes!

CWBD Celebration Button

Please be sure to check back on Monday, July 11th to get in on all the fun and action!!!

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