Friday, February 4, 2011

FREE Super Bowl Printables & Tips for Throwing a GREAT Bash

Here are some photos of an easy snack table I created to showcase some of the Super Bowl printables I designed for Sunday's game.

Create an easy and affordable snack table for your guests

Create a festive table using items from our Super Bowl XLV printable party kit

 Show your colors and cheer on your favorite team! 

Print out a table sign letting your guests know that they can help themselves to some delicious bites!

Keep your menu selection simple - Chips & Salsa are a staple for Big Game Parties!

A decorative crepe paper pom dresses up this tiered stand and adds an explosion of color.  Serve your guests platters of Wisconsin Cheese and bite sized Pepperoni or Salami!

Serve snacks like Chips & Pretzels in a fry box!

  Wrap deli sandwiches in parchment or wax paper - makes it look like you hired a fancy caterer!

You can download our Super Bowl Party Printables Kit (fo' free) here.

If you're planning a party, make it great.  Here are my tips for throwing a GREAT Super Bowl Bash!

  • Invite GREAT guests - a nice cool mix of guests will ensure a good time to be had by all! 
  • Setup GREAT decor - use our Super Bowl XLV printable party kit and other festive accessories to create a fun and sporty atmosphere.
  •  Make GREAT food - our lives our busy enough K.I.S.S. (keep it super simple) by preparing  small sandwiches, chips, salsa, wings and bite sized snacks.  Give them a catered look by serving them on tiered stands, wrapping sandwiches in parchment paper and presenting snacks in fun snack boxes.
  •  Serve GREAT cocktails - it seems beer and spectator sports go hand in hand, but why not choose one awesome cocktail to serve your guests.
  •  Have a GREAT time - more than anything else, kick up your feet and enjoy the game and good company!




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