Monday, February 7, 2011

Bugs & Kisses V-Day Party Countdown

Last year I threw my daughter a No Boys Allowed Sweets & Treats Valentine's Day  party for her and her little gal pals. Well, this year, I wanted to do another party for her.  It seems that she goes through "par-tay" withdrawal every other month.  So, in hopes that  this party will keep her satisfied until her birthday in April (not holding my breath at all on that).

When I sat down to design a theme for the party, I was a bit stumped about what to make.  My first thought was Cupid's Arrow - but that really didn't fly with me (get it??? fly??? Cupid has wings.......anyway....), then I thought maybe to do just a bunch of hearts - but that kinda bored me.  Eventually, I decided use a  Love theme.  I got the idea from the Love Bugs printed bedding in her room and I thought it was perfectly cute for a little girls V-day poorty!  So, I created the Love Bugs Party Collection  as a printable pack for my Etsy shop too!

For the last few weeks, I've been collecting all kinds of sweets and goodies for the girls.  I'm so excited to put it all together!!!  Here's the invitation and mailer I created for my daughter to pass out to her friends at school.  I did this after the Super Bowl game last night (more on that later) - I was up until 3 AM - 3 FRIGGIN' AM - crazy....insane.....

I added a little lollipop treat and tied one of the circle tags with ribbon to it. Then I hand wrote 'You're Invited' on the front!

 The Love Bugs printable pack comes as a fill-in invitation - but for the party I created this version.

I love using coordinating foam stickers to seal my envelopes.  FYI - this idea works best if you're hand delivering invitations.  Sometimes, the foam stickers get stuck in the mail sorter or the Post Office won't mail them.  (side note: I have no idea why the envelope is this color pink - it's really a deeper more hot pink color - but whatevs!)

I wanted to add a little bit more interest to the invitations so I threw in some heart shaped confetti and's like a little party inside the envelope.  It's also a great way to let guests know what's in store for them at the party - a fun time to be had by all!

I'm also working on some other crafts and decorations I'll be using for the party.  I'll be updating you on those throughout the week - so check back soon!

Oh, BTW, I made all this food for the game and I have no idea why, it was just me and my family (which includes my husband, the kids, three grandbabies - don't ask - and my stepdaughters and one of their husbands)......I was a little sad that more food did not get eaten, until my husband looked at me lovingly and said, "Baby, you always do much more than was just us, you didn't have to do all of that."  I looked at him and said...."I can't help's just my nature....I love big, fun parties!"  He just smiled and went to lay down for the night.   Yeah, really was nothing fancy, but the point is I made a bunch of food....wings, meatballs, sausages, a cheese and meat platter, hot dogs, chips & dips, MORE WINGS, a fruit tray.....I know it won't go to waste though.  Well, anyway, here's the food and table spread....

My daughter's after school  group had a nutritionist as a guest speaker last week - since then, she's been going on about eating healthy foods, I'm not going to complain....this is her creation.

 I love wings most of all.....they are my favorite....unfortunately, they're 3 points each!  I make mine easy, fry them naked (no flour) and melt 3 tbsp butter and a cup of hot sauce in a pan with some celery seed and pour the sauce over them wangs!!!! Mmm-mmm!

My party banner was just too cute, I think!!!

 This is my sandwich platter - it was huge!  not one person ate a sandwich - not even me.....can you believe it?

Some of the Spread

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