Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspiration Thursdays: Stylish Party Trends I Heart

My new hearts are succulents (yes, as in fleshy plants with squishy innards), chalkboards and outdoor furniture vignettes!

I know it's winter, but I have been keeping a running photo tab on some really fancy ways for some do-it-up-party style when the warm weather returns.  I am sooo digging these stylish details that I've noticed over the past months and think they have a strong chance to continue on through this year. 

Here is an example of how Miss Carissa Jones of JL Designs used succulents last year for some of her remarkably spectacular events:

Spray paint succulents or hang them from glass bird feeders for a whimsical display!  Super cute!

For warm-weather parties build an outdoor room or vignette using furniture pieces from your home to create and eye catching focal points.

I am crazy about chalkboard now - I've been seeing little black boards everywhere lately - I am soooo inspired by these designs!

Leave a comment below and share what inspires you!

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